[ THE WIRE ] A logbook conundrum

We overdo the miles while the cold outdoes us.

So we’ve finished the logbook. Almost three months to the day and nearly 10,000nm since we left the UK, we’re out of pages, but certainly not out of sailing. I’m not sure what to do now. Do we just stop the boat and drift until someone airdrops us in a new one (sounds like a mission for Team Hessheimer there), or do we find another way to continue to San Diego at least? 10,000nm feels like enough for the beginning of a year.

I sat everyone down, and asked what they wanted to do. We’ve decided to make a new logbook by drawing lots of lines in an old notebook, and with this genius solution behind us, we shall continue to San Diego. Another bit of improvisation to replace a vital bit of expired equipment, although I’ll happily take an airdrop if anyone wants to oblige.

We’re all quite sleepy on board at the moment, as life continues to be a bit of an uphill battle. It then becomes the little daily things that fall by the wayside, such as regular meals, bilge checks, charging your iPod, remembering to check the fuel tank so the engine doesn’t run out of diesel… We’re trying to get life back on track today, with a big brunch promised by Henry, I personally saw to the sail locker disaster and bilges yesterday, so there is no longer that impediment to life, and Alex is now my newly recruited trainee on all the different ways air gets stuck in fuel lines and the subsequent bleeding required to restart a Perkins M130C engine. The long lost toothbrush has also been rescued, so the world can now breathe a collective sigh of relief. It’s ok.

As we change watches while I write, Ty has commented it’s the first time he’s needed to wear shoes in months for a reason other than social convention, which he treats rather subjectively anyway. The cold has rather caught us by surprise, as we’ve been tropical sailing for so long now it’s become the norm. It’s the first time we’ve been traversing latitude with a vengeance since our big push south from the Solent, so have forgotten how to dress properly I think. Along with the copious amounts of water coming over the deck it means it’s full foulies, boots and thermals time. My woolly Russian hat has even come out of hiding for the night watches. Until we adjust to this newfound way of living again I know I’d much rather be tucked up in my sleeping bag in Cabo again.

The only other news is that I’ve finally spilt a full cup of coffee across the nav station. This is a first, which is probably the most remarkable achievement in all of those miles so far. That will teach me not to live by my own rules…

Date: 22nd March 2017
Time: 1732z
Position: 24-20.6N 111-59.1W
COG: 300T
SOG: 4-5kts
Wind: NW 2-3
Swell: W 3-5ft
Sky: 2/8 cirrostratus
Weather: Fair

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