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The Longest Swim journey is a symbol of motivation, inspiration and endurance when facing struggles in our lives. Overcoming obstacles against impossible odds, Ben Lecomte will attempt to swim across the Pacific Ocean, establishing a new world record in long distance swimming in the hopes of inspiring others to never give up, follow their dreams, and make a difference.

On September 25th 1998, Ben Lecomte became the first man to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. 73 days after he left Hyannis, MA, over 3,700 miles to the East, he stepped on the French shore of Quiberon. Ben Lecomte dedicated his swim to his father, Pierre who passed away from cancer, and the purpose of the event was to raise funds and awareness for the cancer research.

Although his first thoughts at the end of the Atlantic Swim were “never again”, he is now set to Conquer the Pacific!

“My mission is to use this unique event to engage people throughout the world to collectively work toward finding soluions to issues that affect us all at the global level. This collaboration will be achieved through the use of an online open source platform, where people from anywhere in the world will have an equal voice, share their ideas and make a difference.”

His message is that we all share one common bond. We all have struggled with something at least once in our lives and with determination, courage and the support of others, together, we can conquer anything.

Together, there is hope for the future.