1st swim across the Atlantic

In 1998, Ben Lecomte swam across the Atlantic Ocean in support of cancer research as a tribute to his father. Despite being followed by a shark for five days, being stung by jellyfish, and being completely exhausted, Ben successfully completed the swim in 73 days. “Never again,”” said Ben when he finally arrived in France. But his sense of adventure and passion for the ocean’€™s well-being made him feel like a fish out of water. Now he’s making history once again by fulfilling his latest dream: swimming across the Pacific Ocean from Tokyo to San Francisco.

The Pacific: a new challenge in the name of research and sustainability

While Ben spent the last four years training physically for this incredible feat, it’s the emotional impact-taking on climate change as a society-€”that is the most significant for him. The swim itself, as intense as it is, is just a drop in the ocean. In the grand scheme of things, the swim enables Ben to open a dialogue with a wide audience around global environmental issues, and to be a catalyst for sustainability and oceanic research.

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