Meet Discoverer: the support boat of The Longest Swim

More than just a swim, The Longest Swim is a maritime expedition with an especially large scope that asks our skipper, Scotty, and his crew to constantly adapt to the demanding conditions of the Pacific Ocean. As Scotty once said: “No one has ever tried to go so far, so slowly.” That made locating an … Continued

The TransAtlantic

If you are closely following The Longest Swim, you already know that there is a large geographic difference between the crew who are in Lymington, and Ben who is training every day in Austin, Texas. The first challenge for what we’ve dubbed the Discocrew or the Discoteam – the residents of Disco – us – … Continued

The Plan of The Longest Swim

If you are reading this, you just connected to our online logbook and are reading the very first article. Welcome on board! Here you can follow the daily progress of The Longest Swim, where we will tell the story of what’s happening on the boat and post exclusive photos and videos. You can comment on … Continued

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