[DAY 76] Fishing

If we look at the number of fish we caught and compare our last three days with the rest of the time we have spent at sea, they could not be more different. During our first 50 plus days, micro plastic we only caught one barracuda. Since we left Yokohama we caught 16 fish. The first … Continued

[DAY 75] Back at sea

Finally we are back at sea. Three days ago, our on land weather routing team gave us a glimpse of hope when they emailed us their latest weather report. It was not quite the report we were looking for but it gave a small weather window that we had to take the chance. When we … Continued

[DAY 71] Ghost Nets

One big problem that we have witnessed are ghost nets. They are nets lost at sea or have been discarded by fishermen. I never encountered one when I have been in the water but we spotted three from our sailboat. One of them was too big to get on board, so Maria got on the … Continued

[DAY 70] Keeping focused

For me, the most challenging part of swimming 8 hours a day is keeping my mind busy… and not go crazy. Even though it is very difficult on the physical side, the mental is more important, it is all about mind over matter. The best way to keep my mind focused is by having a … Continued

[DAY 69] My nutrition

One of the most challenging aspects of open water swimming is nutrition. I have been battling with it since I started swimming long distance. In any endurance activities, nutrition is essential because it directly affects performance but it is very difficult to find food that is easily digested. Swimming adds another level of difficulty because … Continued

[DAY 68] Who inspires me

No matter what we do, we always look up to certain people and get inspired by them. For me, one of them has always been my older brother Christophe. He is 3 years older than me. From an early age, he inspired me. I remember when we were teenagers, he spent so much time at … Continued

[DAY 67] Jellyfish

I don’t want to swim past a certain hour in the day for two reasons: in the late afternoon, the sunlight does not penetrate the water as much and I start losing visibility. The water beneath me turns into a darker blue and my field of vision is limited. This becomes a problem for me … Continued

[DAY 66] Toothbrushes

All I do when I swim is dream and think. I think about general subjects or problems we encounter during our expedition. The other night when I went to our head (bathroom) to brush my teeth, I counted the number of toothbrushes we were using and it didn’t make any sense. On the boat we … Continued

[DAY 65] What do I stand for?

What do I stand for? I am not against plastic, I am for a responsible way to use plastic, one that doesn’t pass on any liability down to the next generation. Like many people, I am struggling with how I can reduce my use and limit my impact. My bad habits are still entrenched in … Continued

[DAY 64] Connection

When I swim in the middle of the ocean, I don’t have a WiFi connection but I am experiencing the most intimate connection. In our hyper-connected world, we often forget how important it is to have some for yourself, by yourself without any interruption. Well on that end, I am one of the most fortunate … Continued

[DAY 63] Every day I swim is a day to celebrate because: 

Every day I swim is a day to celebrate because: Every day I swim is another chance to get people’s attention. Every day I swim I hope to inspire them to take action. Every day I swim we contribute to learning more about our ocean. Every day I swim is a new adventure. Every day … Continued

[DAY 62] My perspective of the ocean

I wanted to share with you how I experience life on the boat and live in the water and why they are different for me. I reflected on those differences on day 49, here was my blog entry. My perspective of the ocean is totally different from the deck of the boat or in the … Continued

[DAY 61] Whales

I can’t wait to go back in the water because of those particular intense moments I experienced like the one on day 48: “Whales!” Screamed Maks pointing to our port side. Paul was at the helm this morning, I was on deck with them. Paul changed Seeker’s heading and sailed toward the sprays while other … Continued

[DAY 47] Avoiding the Typhoon

Dear followers, I am sincerely sorry for the delay this past week in sharing information on the status of our journey. I am responsible for not finding a solution faster on how to efficiently share our latest updates with you while respecting the communication needs of our media partners. I am honored to have Seeker … Continued

[DAY 46] The swordfish

Today we had favorable weather conditions, yes it felt good to wake up and see the winds and waves had subsided. During part of the morning we sailed back to our waypoint, once we got there Maria was ready to handle the paddles and lead me eastward. Within the first few minutes of swimming, in … Continued

[DAY 45] Feeling better

Even though the conditions had not changed, I felt a little better my body was adapting to the rocking but it will change again next time I am back in the water… Maria spotted a Japanese boat on the horizon and decided to contact it on the VHF radio to ask them about potential rendezvous … Continued

[DAY 44] Nausea

This morning the conditions hadn’t improved and it was forecasted to have the same weather for the next day as well. Squalls were passing through and dumping rain on and off the entire day. Maks told me to take advantage of that down time to rest and eat as much as possible. So I did. … Continued

[DAY 43] No two days are the same

I woke up and the winds and waves had changed. These conditions wouldn’t allow me to swim with a kayak. We still sailed to our waypoint hoping the conditions would improve but by the time we got there, they didn’t. In this situation, we could have used the RHIB, but it was pushing the limit … Continued

[DAY 42] The World Cup and The Swim

“Ben, do you want to eat?” Are usually the first words I hear in the morning. Most of the time it is Yoav who ask me, he is up early to sail the boat back to our waypoint . The first thing I do in the morning is eat, then very often I fall back … Continued

[DAY 41] The bird

The bird is still with us and Maks is keeping a close eye on her. The conditions today were perfect with very little wind and small waves. We started the day with Mark on the kayak, we both had great expectations on seeing sea life with those great conditions. But as the day progressed and … Continued

[DAY 40] Strong rain and wind

Last night was difficult for everybody, we got hit by a few squalls that brought a lot of rain and strong winds. It was loud and the boat was tossed in every direction. The crew on deck had to be very vigilant and tied themselves to the tether lines to prevent them from falling of … Continued

[DAY 39] Family bonding

The conditions were pretty similar to those of yesterday; strong opposite wind and waves. Paul, my nephew, was in the kayak. It had been awhile since he last spent time on the RHIB or kayak to pace me. The both of us were alone on that vast ocean, or at least it felt that way … Continued

[DAY 38] Another challenge

This morning the wind and waves were coming from the north and were stronger than yesterday. We still had to progress toward the north and this was going to be a challenging day. Maria was back in the kayak. She communicated a few times with the crew on the VHF to verify that we were … Continued

[DAY 37] Spotting plastic

We drifted quite a bit over the night and had we spent a good part of the morning sailing and motoring back to the way point. During that time I was standing on deck scouting the surface of the water for plastic. About every 15 minutes I spotted a new piece. It was a day … Continued

[DAY 36] Whale spotting

Great swimming conditions again today, I couldn’t be happier; instead of easing myself down slowly into the water from the side of the boat like I always did, I jumped off from the deck, making a horrible landing but I enjoyed it. I started the day with Maks in the kayak pacing me. Our Torqeedo … Continued

[DAY 35] Swimming with the kayak

Today again I started my swim day with Seeker and like yesterday I had some issues moving at the same pace. Three times I found myself falling behind the streamline and having to increase my speed and push to catch up with our sailboat. The crew has a very difficult job to do, since we … Continued

[DAY 34] A tiring day

We started the day with another problem with our electric outboard engine. Our main engine and the back up both gave us some error codes that we could not clear and both were down. I had to swim beside Seeker. Once the crew got the streamline ready and the safety line with the kayak secured … Continued

[DAY 33] The crab

We had great weather conditions overnight and for the rest of the day. Paul and Maria paced me in the RHIB. Maria had her eyes focused on the surface of the ocean to pick up any debris she could find. I could feel the RHIB veering course each time they spotted a piece and went … Continued

[DAY 32] Jellyfish

We still had strong wind in the morning but the forecast predicted the conditions to improve within hours. After a few hours, live the waves got smaller and I could start swimming with the RHIB. The conditions started relatively good for the rest of the day. We still found plastic, I retrieved a big water bottle … Continued

[DAY 31] Ear infection

Yesterday after my short swim Lauren diagnosed that I had an ear infection. She started to treat me and I used that day of rough weather to recoup and keep my ear dry for a day. I didn’t see the time passed, I spent most of it sleeping in my bunk or in the galley … Continued

[DAY 30] Tangled streamline

Today, the winds had picked up and the waves were too big to swim with the RHIB, so we set up Seeker with a pole and the streamline. The sea drogue was also deployed behind to reduce the speed of the boat. After about an hour of swimming, the sea drogue got tangled up in … Continued

[DAY 29] Another shark encounter

Another great day for swimming, little wind, waves were rolling in the right direction, and the water was warm. Ty and Mark were in the RHIB pacing me, it was an uneventful morning until I heard Ty scream “Ben, Ben shark!” I swam toward the RHIB, Ty was pointing in the direction toward my right … Continued

[DAY 28] The shark

The high-pressure system was still with us, bringing with it great weather conditions for the day. Within the first hour I was in the water, Lauren and Maks screamed: “Ben, there is a shark!” I very quickly lifted up my head out of the water and looked into the direction they were pointed. I couldn’t … Continued

[DAY 27] Swimming with turtles

A high-pressure system was bringing us again nice weather conditions today. Ty and Mark were in the RHIB. Early on in the day, Mark spotted a turtle swimming at my right side. It came pretty close to me about 2 meters and started to circle me, looking straight at me. A school of about 20 … Continued

[DAY 26] Finding more plastic

Today we had great conditions, so Maks and Joe were able to pace me with the RHIB. We had few long swells but the surface of the ocean was pretty smooth. With those conditions, it was easier to spot any floating trash. Maks and Joe picked some on the way and in few instances asked … Continued

[DAY 25] Swimming with Seeker

Today we had the same conditions as yesterday, too much wind and breaking swells to swim beside the RHIB or the kayak. So we decided to implement yesterday’s plan and have me swim beside Seeker. This time we used a much lighter pole to tow my streamline. This is a windsurf mast that we use … Continued

[DAY 24] The broken pole

The force of the wind had diminished, but it was still over 20 knots with cresting waves. We couldn’t use a kayak or the RHIB to pace me, so we decided to wait few more hours before making a decision. In the afternoon we decided to use the sailboat to pace me and we started … Continued

[DAY 23] Crashing waves

The situation started to deteriorate during the night, when I woke up we had over 30 knots winds. The waves were cresting and growing. I knew that if these conditions didn’t change I would not be able to swim. We waited a few hours but the forecast and the conditions didn’t improve, I was also … Continued

[DAY 22] Lonely fish

I was back being paced by the RHIB with Jo and Maks, the problem had been solved, our two batteries were fully charged. It was an uneventful day, no dolphins, no ships just a lonely fish that decided to swim right below me for the last 3 hours. During my last feeding breaks, I kept … Continued

[DAY 21] Dinghy troubles

Maria and Ty were on the RHIB to pace me. Within the first hour, we experienced some technical issues, an error came from the electric Torqeedo engine and couldn’t be reset. After few trials, Ty called Seeker to let them know we needed a different setup to pace me until they could figure out what … Continued

[DAY 20] Another near collision

I had trouble falling asleep last night, it was only in the early morning that I got few hours of good sleep. I didn’t know how it was going to affect my day. Paul woke me up 7 am to let me know that we will be back at our swim location in 2 hours. … Continued

[DAY 19] Company swim

It was a clear day with the right swimming conditions, the waves were coming somewhat from behind me with little wind. Ty and Lauren were in the RHIB and Lauren took with her, her swimming gear. She asked me earlier if she could join me in the water. I am always looking for ways to … Continued

[DAY 18] Summer solstice

We had the same conditions this morning again but it did not last too long. By the end of the morning, it had clear it and I started to swim. The sky was clear and I could see the sun rays piercing through the thick water. The light bounced off the phytoplankton, it gave me … Continued

[DAY 17] Waves

The strong wind and waves were still in the opposite direction and too big to have a kayak or the RHIB in the water to pace me. In those type of conditions I could swim, I am like a cork in the water. My wetsuit keeps me buoyant, I go up and down in the … Continued

[DAY 16] Rain shower

It was again the same weather situation this morning, I had to swim upwind and against the waves. But it turned out that it would not be the biggest problem. The rain had started to pick up and Maks and Jo had to bail out the rainwater as well as the water from the waves … Continued

[DAY 15] Frustration

The wind was still blowing strong this morning again from the northeast accompanied by strong waves coming from the same direction but also swells from the south. This was an odd combination, none of which worked in my favor. I had put an extra layer of wetsuit and felt constricted. I had to work much … Continued

[DAY 14] Close encounters

The wind was still blowing from the northeast. I knew before going into the water it was going to be challenging, I would have to fight the wind and waves going in the opposite direction but I was determined to put my time in. I put two hoodies on to keep my head warm, one … Continued

[DAY 13] Light

The daylight starts early here before 5 am it lights up the galley through 5 hatches. My day will start in about an hour but I stay laying on the bench, enjoying this quiet moment with the light shining through the openings. The light will be here every morning no matter what. There are few … Continued

[DAY 12] Nausea

I spent the night in my bunk with pillows and my backpack on my side to limit my movements. I could hear the waves breaking on the hull and rolling on the deck. Yoav, our skipper, and the crew were handling over 30 knots of wind on deck with heavy rain. Those conditions did not … Continued

[DAY 11] Sea sickness

I had a good start Ty and Lauren were on the RHIB and I was trying to get back into my swimming routine. About two hours in the RHIB stopped, Ty told me they had lost power and called Seeker to check on the error they were getting with our Torqeedo engine. The RHIB is … Continued

[DAY 10] Roller coaster

I woke up feeling like I had been riding a big roller coaster. Seeker was pitching up and down, we were going upwind and the waves were coming from the same direction as the wind. As a result,planed my morning protein shake came back up and became feed for the fish. Around noon I forced … Continued

[Day 9] Whale watching

I started my day taking in everything I could about the smells, buildings, trees and the stable line of the horizon while we were still within sight of land. Later on, those last images would be important to me and help me revisit my last hours near solid ground. Over the next few months, my … Continued

[DAY 8] All clear

Day 7The weather report we all had been waiting for came in this morning. Maliksi, the low pressure system that had forced us to retreat to land was finally moving to the east and gave us a clear weather window to sail back to our location. Our router estimated we could leave our current location … Continued

[DAY 7] Waiting out the storm

Having to take a break from the swim due to the storm has given all of us the chance to check on what was happening in the rest of the world. At sea our communications are filtered, we have limited bandwidth and we cannot spend time on our social media page and news feeds. What a … Continued

[DAY 6] Story telling

The wind had faded early on in the day and the light rain didn’t stop until the evening, the storm had passed. As we prepare to begin the swim we also are having to say goodbye to one of our crew, my friend Gino, who is returning to his life on land in the United … Continued

[DAY 5] The Storm

The storm is nearly passed, so it looks like I’ll be continuing my swim across the Pacific soon. It is time to put all those feelings of setback behind me and focus on using our time waiting out the storm to increase our chance of success at sea. Paul called on a meeting, we were all … Continued

[DAY 4] World Oceans Day

We spent our Ocean Day adjusting our course to get out of the path of the storm and that meant moving backwards. I had mix feelings when I first saw land again.  I was slowly starting to seep into my rhythm of swimming, sleeping, and eating and yet this big developing weather system forced us … Continued

[DAY 3] A storm is coming

If there is something I learned that is most helpful in my situation, this is it: there is a long list of forces outside of my control that I can’t change, this only thing I can change is the way I think about them and react. Weather is on top of this list, I knew … Continued

[DAY 2]

I woke up around 6 am, I wasn’t too stiff, and overall had a good night. My night was interrupted by my midnight meal, a plate of pasta and my regular bathroom stops. I went on deck and found Yoav, our skipper making adjustments to the sails. We had drifted over night more than expected … Continued

[DAY 1] Leaving Land

DAY 1 June 5th 2018 It was a day loaded with emotions; I was finally going to start the swim after so many years dreaming about it and 7 years of tumultuous preparations, I couldn’t be more excited about it. But it was also difficult to know that I was leaving my friends and family … Continued

Why swim across the Pacific Ocean?

A defense of Ben’s sanity Whenever we present The Longest Swim to someone new, the same question often comes up once their surprise and astonishment wears off. Swim across the entire Pacific Ocean?? they might say. Wow! It sounds incredible, but Ben must be crazy! Why would anyone want to do that?? At first their … Continued

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