Program for Sustainable Energy in Rural India


The Climate Group’s Access to Rural Energy in India programme, Bijli – Clean Energy for All, which is principally funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance the lives of rural inhabitants in India by deploying renewable energy technologies and improving infrastructure quality.

Clean energy, particularly solar and wind, could revitalize India’s failing energy system. 40% of India is still not connected to the grid – a number we could eventually connect via renewable sources. The Climate Group foresees this program as a demonstration opportunity to outline the potential of renewable energy-powered, off-grid electricity access in rural India.

The program aims to identify sustainable off-grid electrification models, in addition to addressing the challenges of scalability in the off-grid electrification context, and ultimately stimulate India’s Clean Revolution. The Climate GroupRead More

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The Longest Swim is a project very near and dear to Ben Lecomte’s heart. As an open water swimmer, he swam across the Atlantic Ocean in 1998 and is training to swim across the Pacific Ocean later in 2014, early 2015. Not only is Ben going to set the world record for longest open water swim without a kickboard, he is also very keen to bring awareness through his swim to Environmental Sustainability and what we can do as individuals and as a collective, to make our world and our oceans, as healthy as they can be for our children and future generations. Please help Ben achieve his daring and courageous goal by donating generously to The Longest Swim Indiegogo campaign or through sponsorship and endorsements.